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As the end of the tax year approaches and thoughts turn to making last minute investments to make the most of ISA allowances, pension contributions, etc, don’t forget that an investment in ART Business Loans offers Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR) for this year and the next four years, with a return of up to 9.1%.

CITR is a little-known Government initiative designed to encourage investors – both individuals and corporates – to support enterprise in underserved areas and communities.  It provides 5% of the amount invested off Income Tax or Corporation Tax liabilities each year for five years.  This equates to a gross return for the highest rate Income Tax payers of 9.1% pa and a gross return for Corporation Tax payers of 5.8%.  An investment before 31st March 2022 will mean that tax relief is available for the tax year 2021/22.

As an accredited provider of CITR, ART Business Loans has used it to raise over £10m, to lend to small businesses unable to get any or all of the finance they need from the banks, from a wide range of investors over the years, including some high profile individuals and the banks themselves.

Please consider adding an investment in ART Business Loans to your range of investments, not only taking advantage of the tax relief, but also helping to support small businesses which in turn boosts the local economy providing local jobs and opportunities.

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