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Dr Steve Walker, ART Business Loans' Chief Executive

Whatever sector you work in there is likely to be a bewildering list of initials that are used and probably only understood by those within that sector.

At a recent meeting looking at access to finance for businesses, even the most experienced of us were ‘abbreviated out‘ after a short time, as we appear to be facing  a whole new range to get use to.

RDA, AWM, RGF, ERDF, ESF and SFLG are all now history and LEP, WMCA, ME, ESIF and EFG have replaced them. Pity the room as SEP, SUPER SEP, BBB and BBA, DCLG, BIS, PL, CF and CDFI all emerged in the ongoing discussion.

We had barely drawn breath and we were off into the world of VC, IH, SULCO, JEREMIE, JESSICA, COSME AND EASI.

The really interesting part of the meeting came at the end, when we went on to fully acknowledge the need to improve communication with all businesses and professional advisors. This will be aided by the new GHP with the support of BCU, AU, GBCC, GB and SLEP, BPS, BCC and others…

BOL (Best of Luck)!

Dr Steve Walker

January 25, 2016 4:10 pm

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