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Reynolds Technology

“In spite of having a good financial record, we did not fit the criteria for the banks.  ART is less restrictive in its lending assessments and very fair.”

The business

From a small factory in a suburb of Birmingham comes the specialist tube that is used to make some of the best bicycles in the world. Since its establishment in 1898, having been granted a patent for the process of making butted steel tube, the company has continually innovated and experimented with materials and processes, creating high performance strong yet lightweight tube. Through several changes of ownership, Reynolds has maintained its reputation for skilled engineering and the supply of unique, market-leading, products.

The loans

ART has supported the business with loans at a number of critical points, as Managing Director, Keith Noronha, explains: “The first loan kept us afloat whilst we found an alternative supplier of the specialist alloys we use after our main supplier went out of business. The next loan tided us over a tricky period when mass manufacturing moved from the West to the Far East, enabling us to downsize and change focus. The latest loan has helped us to move to more efficient premises.”

The outcome

“Throughout our development it has been reassuring to know that ART is there,” says Keith. “ART has fulfilled its mission by helping us to preserve and create jobs.”

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