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New Digital Marketing

“The process of applying for a loan from ART was straightforward.  We filled in the application form and received a very quick ‘yes’.  The service was friendly and they readily understood our business and our needs.”

The business

The conviction that they could offer business customers a better deal on insurance led finance and insurance experts Glanville Clayton and Ian Davis to set up a business, with digital expert Peter Amer, which developed into New Digital Marketing.  They have designed their digital platform and mobile apps to reduce costs and add value for clients.  “We now have six products, all of which are intended to be disruptive in their field,” explains Glan.  “In addition to insurance we offer a brokering and advisory service for finance, tax, energy saving, vehicle leasing and marketing to small to medium sized companies, typically with a turnover of between £2m and £22m.”

New Digital Marketing employs a network of specialist agents around the country, who manage a caseload of existing clients and introduce new clients.  Smaller businesses can access valuable advice and information quickly and efficiently through the digital platforms.  Larger businesses, with more complex requirements, receive a personal intervention from one of the experts. “The whole idea of NDM,” says Glan, “is to increase our customers’ profits, either by saving them money or increasing their turnover.”

The loan

Having invested their own money in starting up the business, the partners approached ART Business Loans for a loan to provide what Glan describes as ‘headroom’.  “Having plenty of money in the bank gave us confidence to employ staff and push on with our plans,” he says.  “That’s very important in the early days of a service business, because it takes time to build your customer base, prove that you can deliver on what you are promising and create trust which encourages customers to take more than one product from you.”

The outcome

ART’s loan has supported cashflow, strengthened the business and supported jobs.  “I knew about ART from working for another company,” says Glan.  “The process of applying for a loan was straightforward.  I met with Roz.  We filled in the application form and received a very quick ‘yes’.  The service was friendly and Roz readily understood our business and our needs.”

The year ahead is looking good for New Digital Marketing.  “We’ve done everything we said we would,” says Glan, “and the business is building steadily.”




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