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Christine Allen-Lloyd with promotional lollies from ART

ART is issuing lollies to get the message across to small businesses and their advisors that it has ‘lolly’ available to lick the problem of lack of funding from the banks.

ART, which is constituted like an old fashioned building society, has £1.8m to lend over the next year.

“We’re concerned that many small businesses currently starved of cash are not even looking for loan finance,” says Steve Walker, Chief Executive of ART. “They believe the banks won’t support them and they don’t know that alternatives like ART exist. In fact, we’re designed to step in when the banks either can’t lend at all, or have lent all they can. We often work alongside the banks to provide a package of finance.”

At the height of the credit crunch, ART ran a hugely successful Crunchie campaign explaining that it wasn’t affected. “The mini chocolate bars went down very well,” says Steve, “although some didn’t make it through the post room to their intended recipients! We’re hoping our lolly will help to open up the way for them to enjoy the sweet taste of success.”

March 16, 2010 2:25 pm

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