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Invest in Art

An investment in ART Business Loans is an investment in the local economy, from which everyone living and working in the West Midlands ultimately benefits

ART Business Loans is the trading name of ART SHARE (Social Help Association for Reinvesting in Enterprise) Limited – a Community Benefit Society, registered number 28537R and Aston Reinvestment Guarantee Company Ltd – a company limited by guarantee – registered number 2422872.

We are an accredited Community Development Finance Institution for Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR) and use investment by companies and individuals interested in a social and financial return to contribute to the total capital we have to lend. Corporate and individual investment provides a base from which we are able to attract additional funds from a variety of public and private sector sources, including the banks.

Investors include Barclays, IMI, Jaguar, NatWest, Severn Trent and Wesleyan, members of the Cadbury family, Lord Digby Jones and a host of other companies and individuals who understand, and are committed to, ART’s aims.

Community Investment Tax Relief

Investments in ART are eligible for CITR. CITR provides a reduction on the amount of income tax or corporation tax (as applicable) paid in a year by the investor and is spread over a five year period following an investment. For example, if an individual invests £10,000 they should receive a £500 per annum reduction against their income tax liability (a total of £2,500 over the five year period of the investment). This equates to 5% per annum net of taxation.

A CITR eligible share investment must carry no right to be repaid for a period of five years from the date of the investment. At the end of the five year period shares are withdrawable at the request of the investor, subject to the rules of ART.

Further information on CITR and how it can be claimed by investors is available here:

How Much Can I Invest?

Investments can range from £250 to £100,000.  Larger sums can be accommodated as loan agreements rather than as investments in shares.  Co-operative Societies and Community Benefit Societies can invest with no upper limit.

Supporting Information

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Rules of ART SHARE Ltd

2019 Share Offer

In 2019 ART will be launching a share offer via the Ethex social investment platform to raise money to lend to businesses across the West Midlands.  The offer will open on 7th January and close on 24th March 2019.  The minimum investment will be £500 and the maximum £100,000.

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